Submitting to Micro-64

Interested in writing for Micro-64? Everything you need to know is detailed on this page. If you have any questions or are ready to submit a review/feature, you'll find our contact info on this page.

General Guidelines

  • You should probably contact the Micro-64 staff ahead of time to make sure someone isn't already working on that particular review/feature.
  • The tone and perspective of your review/feature doesn't have to be anything specific, you can certainly be yourself or add a bit of anecdotal information, but we greatly prefer a neutral and unbiased opinion.
  • To keep reviews credible, we'd like to credit real names. First and last name would be ideal, but first name and a last name's innitial will be accepted.
  • Please do not send us your first draft. Write, then come back to it later. If it looks like it a child wrote it then it won't be accepted.

Submitting a Review:

  • Reviewable games can be any Nintendo 64 game that was released. It doesn't matter which region as long as it did actually get released somewhere. Reviews for 64DD games will also be accepted.
  • Please stay on track. Don't cover multiple games in the same review.
  • We do not accept reviews for prototype games. Prototypes can be talked about in features.
  • We do not accept reviews for games that have already been reviewed on Micro-64.
  • We'd love it if you could provide screenshots. The ideal number is 6 screenshots, No more, no less. They must be taken off real hardware and the box art does not count as a screenshot. If you can't provide screenshots then that's okay as a Micro-64 admin might be able to provide some.
  • Reviews should be no less then 700 words. That's for your main part of text.

We have a specific format for you to use on Micro-64. The first part is of course the guts of the review. Then after it you'll need to summarize information with a simple line about the Presentation, Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, and Lasting Appeal. You will score each on a scale of 1-10. You can have .5 as a decimal but please nothing more complicated.

Here's how each game will be ranked. These following grades are just examples, the word "game" is interchangeable with any of the previously mentioned categories.

  • 1 Not only disappointing and low quality, but these games are usually contaminated with many severe bugs, even game breaking ones.
  • 2 Really bad, few redeeming features and many flaws.
  • 3 Relatively disappointing, it has a few qualities to it but has an equal number of errors.
  • 4 Below average, still has some qualities to it with a few problems, mostly just underwhelming.
  • 5 Straight across average. A relatively decent game in it's own right but does have some flaws and isn't very notable.
  • 6 Above average, does a decent number of things right, but has it's own errors.
  • 7 Relatively good, it has notable qualities along with some flaws. Overall, a very decent game.
  • 8 Very good, has several excellent features and some minor flaws. Definitely worth playing.
  • 9 Excellent in many areas with only a small handful of flaws, an example other games should be compared to.
  • 10 Much like the unicorn and smurfs, a game with no flaws and only qualities is simply improbable in reality. This grade should be reserved for true perfection.

When ranking a game please really think about each. It's easy to give out 10's and 1's but those are the extreme numbers that very few games should ever see. If you're confused at all about the format, then please have a look at one of our already submitted reviews.

Submiting a Feature:

  • The content of a feature can quite literally be almost anything, as long as it's related to the Nintendo 64. If it's a review of something that isn't an officially released N64 game, it can be a feature. If the subject is video, audio, hardware, companies, personal experiences, history or anything in between, it can be a feature. If you're confused at all or simply want to know if we'd accept a particular subject, feel free to contact the Micro-64 staff with your questions.
  • For any Features which review something not an official N64 game, a simple # out of 5 is used instead of the more detailed system for main reviews. The # out of 5 system can use any N64 related graphic in place of the generic star icon, even if it's not related to the subject of the feature. The choice is up to the discretion of the contributor, but if nothing is chosen, then the usual star icon will be used. A graphic for the "star" replacement is the responsibility of the contributor, but if you cannot obtain an image of what you want, you can inquire with the Micro-64 staff about the matter.
  • Length? Well there is no minimum or maximum as long as it's a decent amount of text that covers your subject well.

Let us know if you can help!